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The Great British Export Delusion

Four Transformational forces are revolutionising the international business landscape in the 21st Century: globalisation,disintermediation, hyper-connectivity and the shift from goods to services. For

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Quoi Front Cover

"Quoi" is the most ubiquitous, versatile and frequently used word in conventional French. Its meanings range from "What?!" in its exclamatory role, through questions like "Quoi de neuf?", "What's new?

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Prepositions - all those little words in English like in, out, up, down, over, under, to, from and so on - can de devilishly difficult to translate into French. You do not meet the French on the train

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If you want to pass for a Frog ,you have got to say what the Frogs say – what they really say! … that is, not what you have been taught to believe they say.

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Modern conventional wisdom has it that the contextual approach (at the baker’s, at the dentist, at the airport etc…) is the best way to learn a language because it is likely to be

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That was the Show that was

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Now that the dust has settled on yet another well-attended and highly successful France Show at Olympia, London, on the last weekend in January, it is

Living France

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For hundreds of thousands of Brits the dream of owning that coveted French escape from dreary Blighty is already a reality; and many more will fulfil

French Property News

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Paris is affordable, too, you know. Twenty-seven years ago, when our children were four and seven, we bought a fully-restored Périgordine fermette 

France Magazine

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This magazine devotes much of each issue to cultural aspects of French life.  But when we think of that culture we understandably reflect on France

How to Pass for a Frog

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Siffler Publications are delighted to announce the publication of our second book: “How to Pass for a Frog with their Top 201 Favourite Words an


Jacqueline Mussotte

I teach French at a Paris school and I am struck by how useful this book is.  It is different in many ways from the rest.  Above all, I appreciate its cultural context with its historical and social references.  Your deep knowledge of France shines through on every page

AC Maule

I bought three books from D Davies at The France Show and I am finding them fascinating.


How lovely it was to meet you at the France Show at Olympia yesterday.  I purchased the book from you and opened it this morning, thinking I would just  give it a quick glance, and “voila”, three hours later I was still avidly reading it.  I find it absolutely fascinating and totally addictive – and cannot wait to get back to it.  I must sound like a really sad little person.  I did tell you that I love French books but this one is unlike any other I have ever read