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Living France

For hundreds of thousands of Brits the dream of owning that coveted French escape from dreary Blighty is already a reality; and many more will fulfil that dream in the not too distant future, particularly if the pound continues its rise (which seems likely).  But even with very carefu

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French Property News

Paris is affordable, too, you know. Twenty-seven years ago, when our children were four and seven, we bought a fully-restored Périgordine fermette  in the beautiful Dordogne valley near Sarlat, an historic medieval town known throughout the world for its glorious architecture and rich

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France Magazine

This magazine devotes much of each issue to cultural aspects of French life.  But when we think of that culture we understandably reflect on France’s finer points: its world-renowned cuisine, its splendid wines, its great literature, its inventive cinema and so on… in short, the produ

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