How to Pass for a Frog

Siffler Publications are delighted to announce the publication of our second book: “How to Pass for a Frog with their Top 201 Favourite Words and Phrases.
After a successful launch at The France Show in January 2016, we would like to offer you the opportunity to buy this book at a reduced price of only £10 instead of £12.95.  This price also includes P&P.

So, what is the book about?

French, like English, comes in all shapes and sizes.  Much of it is grammatically correct and can be used in any situation you might find yourself in.
However, much of it is colloquial, possibly grammatically correct but now a bit more “familier” eg “Robert, shove the dishes in the dishwasher. Please”.  Here, “shove” is not exactly the most refined way of saying “put”, but it is not going to raise many eyebrows!  This book is “stuffed(!)” with such colloquialisms.  I call these “one-star” words.
However, you will also find several “two-star” words.  These are more than impolite; they are vulgar, eg “I have got to go for a piss, now”.  This word “piss” (or the adjective, “pissed”) will only be employed amongst people who know you very well!
But French is also replete with genuine three-star words and expressions.  These are genuine slang and often very vulgar indeed.
In this book, I stop at the two-star words.  My experience tells me that you will not yet want or need to use some of the language’s strongest equivalents of our so-called “four letter” words.  Anyway, there are plenty of books out there that deal with the language in this register.  They are all written by Frogs, of course, because only they can really understand the complex nuances of French at this “argotic” level.
So do not go looking for the “dirty” words in this book!  Look instead simply for the words and phrases used by ordinary French people day in, day out.  That really should be enough!

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