About Us

Siffler Publications is dedicated to publishing French conversational books for adults which reflect the colloquial language

I founded Siffler Publications in 2015 with one objective: to share with others the myriad delights of France through a deeper knowledge of the French language. From the outset we have focused on publishing books and discs which reflect contemporary spoken French, the language you will hear every day in the streets, shops, bars, cafés and restaurants, “la langue du quotidien”.  Our readers are almost entirely adults, people who want to holiday, work and even live in France. Many are just starting the journey; others are well down the road.


But learning any foreign language as an adult is difficult: so much of it doesn’t stick like it did when we were younger – especially the dreaded grammar! So our books keep formal grammar to a minimum; and we emphasise colloquial and idiomatic language wherever appropriate. We want you to speak French as it is really spoken, after all. The one exception to this grammar-light approach is my seventh book, “Speak French Without Fears : Putting Grammar in its Place”, which I believe will revolutionise the challenge of learning grammar, by locating the rules within the routines of holidaying or living in France – shopping, making reservations and so on. But as I write, this work is still in progress. All the rest are out there, ready for you to enjoy and profit from.


But I am not alone in this task. From the beginning I have been hugely aided by my executive assistant, Caroline Deayton. It is she who takes control of the reins once the books have been written, handling all the administration, fulfilment and query management in particular. Together we make a small but passionate team – small enough to care but big enough to cope (most of the time, anyway!).


About the author

I am not a professional qualified linguist. I never studied French at school or at university, where economics was my chosen subject. My love affair with France and its language began when my wife and I first drove through France in 1973. The love affair developed to the point where I began working in France as a marketing consultant, all our children’s holidays were spent in France and where, in 1988, we bought our family house in the Dordogne. An apartment in Paris followed in 2002. Now retired, we live semi-permanently in France, sharing our time between the house and the apartment – with occasional return trips to  Kingston upon Thames home to catch up on what is going on in Blighty.

I worked as a marking consultant In France for various companies in different fields. The high-spot of my career was the three years I spent advising Michelin, the world’s biggest tyre company with its headquarters in Clermont Ferrand. The work also took me to other francophone countries, notably Canada, where I worked for Michelin in Montreal.