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The Great British Export Delusion

The Great British Export Delusion




Four Transformational forces are revolutionising the international business landscape in the 21st Century: globalisation,disintermediation, hyper-connectivity and the shift from goods to services.

For Example , Google’s “product” is search; and it sells it everywhere on earth. to everyone on earth, through no one on earth.

Yet much of Britain’s political elite is still obsessed with exporting goods to Europe.This iconoclastic book explains why this “goods to Europe” obsession is risible, dysfunctional and delusional.

Multinational enterprises dominate global business yet they export realitevely little. Instead they serve their global markets by being there. This book shatters the “export or die” myth and points the way to a profitable global future for any business with the vision and the courage to grasp the opportunities rapidly opening up to it.


About the author

Derek Davies is a trained economist and professionally qualified marketer. He has worked as an academic economist and a marketing practitioner. For 20 years he worked for French, Swiss and German multinational companies as their international marketing consultant.
A fluent French speaker, he now writes and publishes French books for Anglophones who want to speak the language.



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