That was the Show that was

Now that the dust has settled on yet another well-attended and highly successful France Show at Olympia, London, on the last weekend in January, it is time for us here at Siffler Publications to take stock.

It is fair to say that the events of 2016 did not encourage wild optimism: Brexit, the sharp decline in the value of sterling and the attacks on French security, left many exhibitors in a pessimistic mood, but everyone I spoke to felt the show had been a great success, no more so than the property floor where the “agences immobilières” reported a high number of enquiries about French property,

On the first floor, Siffler Publications too, had a very encouraging and successful show: sales of all four of our books were brisk, especially on the Saturday, always the best attended day.  This was our third consecutive year at the show; and this year we were able to offer two new titles – “Mastering the Art of Prepositions in French” and “Quoi! Your Complete Guide to the Frogs’ Favourite Four-Letter Word!”

Year 2018 promises to be even better with two more titles featuring on our stand, “The Return of the Frog – More Great Words and Phrases to Boost Your Street Cred in France” and “Frogmania: Diving Deep for Buried French Treasure”.

And looking ahead to the following year, perhaps our most exciting title of them all: “Speak French Without Fear: Putting Grammar in its Place”.  This revolutionary approach to the tedious task of mastering all those complex French grammatical rules will make grammar learning so very much easier.  Phew!  That’s a relief!

In the meantime, enjoy 2017 in the world’s most visited country.  But do not forget that you will enjoy it all the more, the more confident you feel in this beautiful language.  That is what we are here to help you achieve, for Siffler Publications is dedicated to perfecting your French!

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